If you’re an aspiring author who is interested in joining our Wild Life Publishing family, we are currently accepting manuscripts from authors of all genres. For nonfiction, please send a cover letter/query including the author’s qualifications and connections relevant to the book’s content and marketing; and summary or outline of the book’s content, along with the first 5 chapters.

Submission Guidelines: All submissions must be in the following format: All manuscripts must be typed as Word documents and double-spaced. All paragraphs and dialogue must be indented. There should be 1″ margins on each page. For emphasis, use italics. Avoid non-standard, fancy fonts and unnecessary changes in font face size, etc. Use chapter headers and scene break indicators (i.e. **** or ####). Title, author name (last name only will be fine) and page number at the top of each page is mandatory. Your full name, mailing address, email and/or telephone number must appear on the very first page. Please email all submissions to *For faster consideration, fiction authors should submit (2) complete copies of manuscripts.